Directions to linguistics events at Maryland

Dining in the College Park area

Finding a building on campus

To find a building a campus, you may use any of these resources:

Most of our events are in Marie Mount Hall, map coordinates 38.984901, -76.940795. This is in cell E11 of the printable map. It is at the southeastern corner of the campus mall, a rectangular yard at the center of campus. It is immediately to the north of Memorial Chapel, just across a small road that leads to several parking lots. Helpfully, it is easy to see the spire of the Chapel from Route 1, aka Baltimore Avenue.

Sometimes linguistics colloquia are in Woods Hall, here, immediately to the west of Marie Mount Hall, or Francis Scott Key Hall, here, the next building over. These are also in cell D5 of the map.

The Language Science Center is in 0121 Taliaferro Hall, located here. Taliaferro (locally pronounced "tolliferr") is the southern half of the second building west of Marie Mount Hall. The northern half of the same building is Key Hall.

Cognitive Science Colloquia are in the Bioscience Research Building, located here. This is in cell C5 of the map, about 500 yards north of Marie Mount Hall, across the mall and Campus Drive, at the back of the plaza in front of Hornbake Library.

From Route 1 to Marie Mount Hall

The campus lies on the west side of Route 1, or Baltimore Avenue. There are two roads that lead to Marie Mount Hall from Route 1. Follow the first if you are coming from the south, and in particular if you are walking from the College Park Quality Inn, or walking from the Metro. Otherwise follow the second.

  1. Regents Drive

    This road intersects Route 1 at the the southern edge of the campus, which is also northern edge of the older commercial district of College Park.

    To reach Marie Mount Hall on Regents Drive, head into campus about 400 yards, first heading west and then bending north. You will see Memorial Chapel on your left. Marie Mount Hall is the first building past the chapel, on your left.

    Please note that east of Route 1, Regents Drive changes its name to College Avenue, as it continues eastward into the town of College Park and towards the Metro Station.

  2. Campus Drive

    Campus Drive serves as the main entrance to the university off of Route 1. It is marked by a large brick entry gate. This gate is about 100 yards to the south of the end of the large apartment buildings and strip malls on Route 1.

    Pass through the brick gate to enter the campus. About 450 yards later you will come to a traffic circle with an "M" in the middle of it. Make a left turn by going (270 degrees) around this circle, onto Regents Drive heading south. Passing by the campus mall, you will see Marie Mount Hall ahead of you on the right.

From the Metro

To get to College Park via the DC Metro, take the Green Line (direction Greenbelt) to the College Park Station. It is best to buy a reusable SmarTrip card. If instead you buy a new ticket for each ride, you will pay a $1 surcharge for for each ticket.

There are then two ways to get to Marie Mount Hall from the Metro Station.

  1. Shuttle Bus

    Red University of Maryland Shuttle Buses to the campus leave regularly from the front (east side) of the station. This is Route 104, to Regents Drive Garage.

    It is best to get off the bus immediately before the "M", a traffic circle at the intersection of Campus Drive and Regents Drive. Walk south on Regents Drive. Past the campus mall, you will see Marie Mount Hall on the right.

  2. Walking

    After exiting the turnstile in the Metro station, take the pedestrian tunnel under the train platform.

    Walk through the parking lot to Columbia Avenue, turn right onto Columbia, and walk north about 100 yards. Then turn left from Columbia onto College Ave.

    Walk about half a mile west on College Avenue to Route 1. Walk across Route 1 and continue straight on what is now called Regents Drive. Follow Regents Drive about 500 yards, past Memorial Chapel, to Marie Mount Hall.

Driving to College Park

From the north

Take I-95 South to exit 27 for I-495 West ("Silver Spring"). Immediately after this (very gentle) exit, follow signs for Route 1 South ("College Park"), Exit 25. The campus is about 2 miles down Route 1.

From the south

Take I-95 North to I-495, the Capital Beltway, which is a continuation of I-95. Continue North on I-95/I-495 toward Baltimore. Take Exit 25 for Route 1 South toward College Park. The campus is about 2 miles down Route 1.

Parking on campus

Parking areas are highlighted on this map. During the week, guests can park in two places. Both lots cost $3/hour.

  • the Stadium Parking Garage, in the northwest of the campus, attached to the western edge of the football stadium

  • the Mowatt Lane Garage, in the southwest of the campus, where Knox Rd turns into Mowatt Lane (this can be reached from Route 1 via Knox Rd heading west).

On weekends parking is unrestricted in most lots on campus. Signs make it clear when this is not the case. You can also park in the pay lots for $5 per day.

Amtrak to College Park

Amtrak makes two stops in the area, Union Station in Washington, and New Carrollton Station in Maryland.

Union Station (WAS)

Many trains stop at Union Station, which is on several Amtrak routes: the Acela Express, Northeast Regional, Vermonter, Capitol Limited, The Cardinal, and Silver Service / Palmetto.

From Union Station it is easy to get to the University of Maryland by Metro. Take the Red Line (direction Glenmont) to Fort Totten. At Fort Totten, transfer to the Green Line (direction Greenbelt). Get off at College Park Station.

New Carrollton (NCR)

Relatively few trains stop at New Carrollton. It is served only by the Northeast Regional and Vermonter Routes.

The F6 bus from New Carrollton to Silver Spring stops at the University of Maryland. But this bus is not frequent.

You may therefore want to take a taxi or ask a local friend for a ride. The station is about 6 miles from the University. The advantage of New Carrollton over Union Station is that this drive is the easier than the 8 miles through city traffic to Union Station.

Air travel

Guests travelling to College Park by air have a choice of three airports: Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA), Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI), and (least conveniently) Dulles Interational Airport(IAD).

Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA)

Reagan is the most expensive airport to fly to, but often the most convenient. It is very close to downtown D.C. – near the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia – and has its own Metro stop.

To get to College Park from Reagan by Metro, take the Yellow Line, direction Fort Totten, to L'Enfant Plaza. At L'Enfant Plaza, change to the Green Line (direction Greenbelt). Get off the Green Line at College Park Station. During the peak hours of the AM and PM commutes, this transfer is not necessary, and you can take the Yellow Line all the way to College Park. When using the DC Metro it is best to buy a reusable SmarTrip card. If instead you buy a new ticket for each ride, you will pay a $1 surcharge for for each ticket.

Taxi service to College Park from Reagan costs approximately $40.00, plus a tip. Super Shuttle is also an option. In a shared van, the price is $28, plus $10 per additional person. Reagan is only about 15 miles from the University. But throughout work hours, traffic is terrible. The ride will take at least 30 minutes, but less than one hour.

Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI)

Flights to BWI are cheaper than flights to Reagan. It is a hub city for the discount carrier Southwest Airlines, which generates some price competition. BWI has mostly domestic connections, but also a few direct international connections (for example, to the UK and Germany).

There is regular public bus service to BWI from the Greenbelt Metro Station, for only $6, on the B30 Metrobus Metrobus. Greenbelt is just one stop beyond College Park on the Metro Green Line.

College Park is about 25 miles from BWI. Taxi service is therefore expensive, in the area of $70. The Super Shuttle costs $32, plus $12 per additional person.

Washington-Dulles International Airport (IAD)

Dulles is the main international hub in the region, with direct connections from throughout the US, Europe and Asia. Dulles is 25 miles west of downtown D.C, however, and the 40 mile trip from Dulles to College Park is not easy. Options are taxi or shuttle van, or bus-and-metro combination.

Taxi service to College Park costs approximately $80. The drive is at least 45 minutes, and most often one hour.

Super Shuttle is another option: a shared van is $39, plus $10 per additional person. But be warned! Trips to College Park can be as much as three hours long: in dropping off several customers, the shuttle may follow a circuitous path, and traffic is generally terrible.

The cheapest path is by Metro, $11. Take the Silver Line Express Bus to the Wiehle-Reston East Metrorail Station. From there take the Silver Line train, direction Largo Town Center, to L'Enfant Plaza. At L'Enfant Plaza, transfer to the Green Line, direction Greenbelt, and get off in College Park. Under ideal conditions, the combination of bus and Metro ride will talk 90 minutes. But you should plan for a two-hour trip, or more to be cautious.

When using the DC Metro it is best to buy a reusable SmarTrip card. If instead you buy a new ticket for each ride, you will pay a $1 surcharge for for each ticket.