Please join us for six presentations given by undergraduate linguistics majors, summarizing the results of their summer (and on-going) research projects.

The Baggett Summer Scholarships are given to selected students to work as research assistants with faculty and graduate student mentors during the summer. They are generously funded by UMD Alum Dave Baggett (who was a Linguistics-Computer Science double major and who will join us for the presentations). We are happy to have Mr Baggett himself joining us for today's event.

The undergraduate students who will be presenting their work this year (and their faculty & graduate student advisors) are:

  • Jacqueline Phillips (Jeff Lidz, Annie Gagliardi)
  • Faina Kostyukovsky (Valentine Hacquard, Jeff Lidz, Shevaun Lewis)
  • Jessica Lee (Jeff Lidz, Alexis Wellwood)
  • Victoria Peck (Jeff Lidz, Angela He)
  • Jeremiah van Rossum (Bill Idsardi)
  • Mike Fetters (Jeff Lidz, Megan Sutton)