Karen Feagin (TLPL) “Can I Make a Comment?”: Teacher Candidates in Rehearsals

Abstract: This qualitative study used sociocultural discourse analysis to examine how teacher candidates (TCs) in a language teacher preparation program collaboratively solved problems of practice in teaching rehearsals. This study offers insights into the functioning of peer groups and their potential for co-constructing knowledge, which has implications for grouping learners in ways that maximize learning opportunities.

Neha Joshi (ECE) Cortical mechanisms underlying segregation of speech mixtures

Abstract: During the cascade of neural responses triggered by speech from multiple sources hitting the ear, the brain needs to deconstruct the speech mixture by auditory scene analysis into different streams and then select the most relevant streams for further processing. In this work, we study the effect of attention on cortical representation of speech in a multi-speaker scenario in the ferret auditory cortex (AC). I will talk about the possible cortical mechanisms underlying this segregation phenomenon at a population level, as well as at the level of a single neuron, based on neurophysiological recordings in primary and secondary areas of the AC.