There has been a debate over the status of the negation-sensitive phrase amwu- in Korean. The most popular position is that ‘amwu-’ is a Negative Polarity Item (NPI) (i.e. Beck and Kim, 1997, Collins and Postal, 2014, Han et al., 2007, Sells and Kim, 2006, Sohn, 1996). However, recently, Yoon (2008) and Tieu and Kang (2014) claim that amwu- is a Negative Concord Item (NCI) based on the NCI diagnostics in the literature (See Watanabe (2004) among others). In this paper, I argue that Korean ‘Amwu-’ is neither an NCI nor an NPI and thus it calls for an additional syntactic licensing requirement. That is, Amwu- and a negative marker must be clause-mates in their base-positions. I also claim that this is a consequence of the syntactic requirement of Amwu- and it can be explained under the analysis that negation and Amwu- are base-generated in argument position as a single constituent.