Adam and Omer will present a proposed experimental design for investigating whether sentences that are rescued by the Principle of Minimal Compliance in Bulgarian are genuinely grammatical.

Sentences such as the following, which are reported as marginal, have been taken to be grammatical (e.g., Richards 1998).

?[Koj žurnalist]_j [koja kniga]_k t_j razprostranjavaše [mȃlvata če senatorȃt iska da zabrani t_k]?
which journalist which book spread rumor that senator wanted to ban
"Which journalist spread the rumor that the senator wanted to ban which book?"

They are argued to be grammatical on the basis of obeying the Principle of Minimal Compliance.

In light of experimental evidence suggesting that some acceptable sentences are in fact ungrammatical (e.g., Almedia 2014, Sprouse et al. 2016, Kush et al 2018), we propose to test these sorts of sentences in Bulgarian using these same experimental techniques.

We would greatly appreciate feedback on the experimental design and stimuli.