Despite perennial interest in positive vs. negative polar questions, there is yet to be a definitive account of asymmetries between them (Buring & Gunlogson 2000, van Rooy & Safarova 2003, Sudo 2013, Trinh 2014, Roelofsen & Farkas 2015, AnderBois 2019).

a. Is Moira home?        Positive Polar Question (PPQ)
b. Is Moira not home?    Low Negation Question (LNQ)
c. Isn't Moira home?     High Negation Question (HNQ)

In this meeting, I will chart the relevant empirical facts, and discuss challenges previous accounts have faced. I will argue for a revision to the characterization of the empirical facts, suggesting that while low negation questions are subject to a so-called evidential condition, high negation questions are not. In light of this revision, new prospects for explaining the asymmetry between PPQs and LNQs are discussed.