To celebrate the end of the semester, we will be having a DEBATE. Topic: "Retrieval in parsing anaphora: interference (never) helps"

In the blue corner: Shevaun Lewis & Wing Yee Chow. A fearsome pairing, they have been preparing by co-teaching a psycholinguistics seminar. They can complete an eye-tracking experiment in two days, and cook Thanksgiving dinner for 50 people even faster. Few dare to challenge them.

In the red corner: Dan Parker & Sol Lago. The young pretenders, they mix midwestern charm with south American grit, and should not be underestimated. They train mostly in the dark, and have been taking math and programming classes to sharpen their blows. They are also rumored to have a potent new move, involving adjunct control data, that leaves opponents scratching their heads.

Rules of engagement: there are no rules.