The Workshop on the Structure and Constituency of the Languages of the Americas is an annual linguistics conference, founded in 1995. Its central objective is to bring together formal linguists whose research focuses on the Indigenous languages of the Americas, and experts in language documentation and revitalization. For WSCLA 24 we are pleased to have twelve talks, five posters, and six invited speakers, listed below. The complete program is here.

Invited talks

  • M. Ryan Bochnak (Konstanz), The semantics of graded futures in Washo
  • Hilaria Cruz (Louisville), Ethics of field work and language documentation from a community perspective
  • Henry Davis (UBC), TBA
  • Yuni Kim (Essex), Inflection classes and underlying forms in Amuzgo
  • Carol-Rose Little (Cornell), Left branch asymmetries in Tumbalá Ch’ol
  • Taylor Miller (SUNY Oswego), (Un)intentional Bias in Linguistic Theories: Challenging Contemporary Approaches to the Phonology-Syntax Interface


  • Andrew Hedding, The Phonetic Realization of Information Focus in San Martín Peras Mixtec
  • Matthew Shuurman, Puzzles of Coordination in Inuktitut
  • Anna Laura Arrieta Zamudio, Definiteness in San Pablo Güilá Zapotec
  • Will Oxford, The Algonquian inverse: What’s voice got to do with it?
  • Ben Eischens, Tonal negation in San Martín Peras Mixtec
  • Irine Burukina, Nominalized antipassive constructions in Kaqchikel
  • Shay Hucklebridge, Associative Plural in Two Northern Dene Languages
  • Michelle Yuan, The morphosyntax of participle-incorporating existentials in Inuktitut
  • Matthew Tyler, The structural ergative of Choctaw
  • Adam Singerman, Pronouns, agreement, and object-initiality in Tuparí
  • Rodrigo Ranero, Voice Mismatches in Kaqchikel (Mayan) Sluicing
  • Guillaume Thomas, Switch-reference and Discourse Anaphora


  • Michael Barrie, Cayuga and Contiguity Theory: The role of default agreement
  • Catherine Fortin and Kyra Wilson, DP Structure in Dakota
  • Benjamin Hunt and Sylvia L.R. Schreiner, Patterns in Heteromorphemic Consonant Behavior in St. Lawrence Island Yupik
  • Kimberly Johnson, Phase Sensitive Morphology and Dependent Case
  • Marten Stelling, Arapaho Indirect Imperatives and Allocutive Agreement