Object agreement is the realization of valued phi features on v. Clitic doubling is the movement of a D head into the verbal inflectional complex. In principle, these two phenomena are distinct, but in practice it can be difficult to determine whether a given morpheme is the reflex of object agreement or a moved clitic. In this talk, I will take up the issue for the Amharic (Ethiosemitic) object marker, a morpheme attached to verbs that covaries with the features of an internal argument. Evidence from the distribution and morphological form of the object marker show that it is a doubled clitic, but it also displays a handful of properties characteristic of agreement. This paves the way for an analysis that combines agreement and clitic doubling, building on recent work by Rezac (2007) and Nevins (2010). Overall, the talk is a case study in how to distinguish clitic doubling and agreement in a particular language, and an investigation of how to capture the relationship between these two deeply similar phenomena in linguistic theory."