For this year’s Mayfest, we will be taking a somewhat different approach to years past. This year, the University of Maryland, College Park, officially joined the Committee on Institutional Collaboration (CIC) as a part of its broader integration with the Big Ten. Nearly every member institution offers a department or program in linguistics, representing a wide variety of theoretical and methodological approaches, and CIC schools’ programs in speech-language pathology and other communicative disorders are among the best in the nation.

We would like to draw on this wealth of experience and knowledge for Mayfest 2014, which we hope will provide a springboard for collaboration between language scientists across the CIC institutions. We have invited a speaker from each CIC institution to speak about a broad theme in language science: to what extent can theoretical research inform experimental practice, and vice versa? In particular, we have invited speakers from two major focuses of CIC language science research: prosody and language acquisition. This event is funded in part by your Graduate Student Activities Fee and is therefore open to the entire Graduate Student Community.