The CNL Lab will be resuming regular Friday lab meetings with its annual kickoff meeting. Each person in attendance (faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students encouraged!) will give a brief summary of his/her interests and work.

Everybody gets a maximum of 1 slide to introduce themselves, what they’re interested in, or what they’ve been up to recently. This could be their overall goals, or plans for this semester, or what they worked on over the summer. Irreverence is welcomed. Email the slide to by at least 3 minutes before the start of the meeting.

We are also taking bookings for presenter slots for this semester. Please sign up by emailing Colin to share what you’re working on, especially to get feedback on early stage projects. Our scope is pretty broad - we’re not beholden to any specific area or faculty member, though most of what we discuss has a general psycholinguistic flavor (broadly construed, to include learning and cog-neuro work).