In this presentation, I will argue that English has predication phrase (PredP) ellipsis, and that PredP ellipsis is different from VPE with two respects: (i) the licensor of PredP ellipsis is the copula, while the VPE licensor is overt T; and (ii) wh-extraction out of the ellipsis site is not allowed in PredP ellipsis, while there is no such a restriction in VPE. In addition, I will suggest that English PredP ellipsis is best analyzed with derivational phonological feature deletion theory (Park 2015), whereby ellipsis is deletion of the phonological features of lexical items inside the ellipsis site, which occurs during the derivation in overt syntax. Derivational phonological feature deletion removes the phonological features of lexical items, but preserves the formal features of them, and thus, elements that are deprived of the phonological features can participate in further syntactic derivation that occurs after ellipsis, pace Aelbrecth (2010) and Baltin (2012). (See also Abels 2012)