Graduate governance

Department Council

The Department is governed by the Departmental Council. The council has regular meetings called by the Chair of the department. All faculty, staff and students may attend these meetings. Minutes are available for public distribution. Students elect up to two representatives who may vote at council meetings. All faculty have a vote. In addition, the Department Chair is advised by the Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) . Problems may be discussed privately with the Graduate Director or the Chair, or may be put on the agenda for for. discussion at a Department Council meeting.

The Linguistics Graduate Students Association (LGSA)

All graduate students in the department are members of the LGSA, which is the student representative body to the department council. The LGSA elects 2 representatives with voting privileges on the Dept. Council. In addition, the LGSA runs many of the activities that enrich department life. The LGSA recruits members to run the colloquium series (with help from a faculty advisor), organizes and runs the student conference, helps with the Maryland Mayfest, and coordinates yearly welcoming activities for new students. The LGSA holds several meetings per year where students can discuss issues of mutual concern. The bylaws of the LGSA can be found here.