Travel support

The Department sets aside a small portion of its limited operating budget to support travel by faculty and graduate students to present papers at conferences. Any member of the Department can request up to $300 per year for this purpose.

To make a request, fill out a Travel Request form - located outside the Department Office. The request should be made before the trip, and is subject to (a) approval by the Department chair, (b) availability of funds, and (c) presentation of receipts upon completion of travel. Travel funds may be used only to present a paper - requests to attend conferences will not be granted.

When planning to apply for travel money to present a paper:

  1. Consult with your advisor about whether this particular conference is the most productive use of limited resources.
    This discussion should resume an earlier one, with your advisor and/or other relevant faculty members, before submitting the abstract. In that prior discussion, you should have identified potential funding sources and associated deadlines.

  2. Consult with the Department Head about availability of funds, since the Department must provide matching funds for most awards.

  3. Submit to the Graduate Director, by 2 weeks before the application deadline, all the material in your application.

  4. Have your advisor submit to the Graduate Director, by 2 weeks before the application deadline, a statement giving a brief reason for recommending you. The statement will also need to, in the University's words, “contextualize the conference for their stage of career."