Talks at the LSA in Portland, January 5-8

Annie Gagliardi, Bradley Larson, Dave Kush, and Alexis Wellwood – with Naomi Feldman, Colin Phillips, Jeffrey Lidz, Paul Pietroski and Justin Halberda from Johns Hopkins – are presenting at the Linguistics Society of America annual meeting in Portland, Oregon, January 5th-8th 2012.

Brad will present "Sluicing without antecedents is fed by extraposition".

Annie is presenting two talks. The first, "Distinguishing input from intake in Tsez noun class acquisition," is being presented as part of an LSA symposium called Psycholinguistic Research on Less Studied Languages. The second, "Psycocomputational approaches to the acquisition of noun phrases in Tsez", is to be presented with Naomi Feldman and Jeff Lidz, at Psychocomputaional Models of Language Acquisition, a meeting being held in conjunction with the LSA.

Dave, with Jeff and Colin as co-authors, will present "Processing bound-variable anaphora: Implications for memory encoding and retrieval".

Alexis, with Jeff, Paul and Justin Halberda as co-authors, will present "When to quantify: syntactic cues in the acquisition of novel superlatives", showing that 4-5 year-old children use the category distinction between Adjective and Determiner as a cue to the interpretation of words in superlative form, relying more on this than on the cue of partitive "of".