Maryland linguists at BUCLD

Representing UMD on Nov. 4-6 at the B.U. Conference on Language Development are Annie, Angela, Megan, Jeff, and undergrad major Michael Fetters, with these presentations:

  • Annie Gagliardi and Jeffrey Lidz, "The Power of the Prior: Asymmetries in Word Learning vs. Word Class Learning"
  • Angela Xiaoxue He and Jeffrey Lidz, "Mapping Intransitive Verbs to Self Propelled Motions"
  • Megan Sutton, Mike Fetters & Jeffrey Lidz, "Parsing for Principle C at 30-months"
  • John Trueswell, Alon Hafri, Dan Kauffman and Jeff Lidz, "Development of parsing ability interacts with grammar learning: Evidence from Tagalog and Kannada"