First MASCSLL a success

The first Mid-Atlantic Student Colloquium on Speech, Language and Learning was held on September 23, 2011, at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. It was jointly organized by students and faculty from Johns Hopkins and UMD.

The event brought together 140 faculty, researchers and students working on computational topics related to human language, from 14 universities: Delaware, Princeton, George Mason, George Washington, Columbia, Penn, Michigan, Haverford, Carnegie Mellon, NYU, University of Maryland Baltimore County, plus the two organizing institutions. Capitalizing on the breadth of computational research into human language, the colloquium stimulated fruitful discussion between linguists, computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and information scientists on a very impressive range of genuinely cutting-edge student research.

Congratulations to our local members of the organizing team: Ewan Dunbar, Raul Guerra, and Hal Daumé III.