Maryland linguists run 200 miles in 27.5 hours!

Congratulations to a team of 12 Maryland linguists, and their hometeam support crew, who took part in the Ragnar Relay on September 23-24 (2011). The relay covered a grueling 200-mile route from Cumberland, in the western tip of Maryland, to Washington DC. Each runner covered 3 of the 36 legs, covering a total of 13-22 miles. The crew ran continuously for around 27 hours and 30 minutes, running many legs at night, and many in heavy rain. Despite it all they finished 150 minutes sooner than expected. On the team were 5 faculty and 7 graduate students, all of whom are now looking forward to running in dryer fall weather. An amazing effort by runners Aaron, Akira, Annie, Brad, Colin, Dan, Dave, Ellen, Jeff, Shevaun, Tess and Yakov!