Maryland at the LSA in Boston

This year's LSA, January 3-6, features several Maryland presentations.

Shevaun Lewis, Dave Kush and Brad Larson present "Processing filled gaps in coordinated wh-questions." Shevaun is also presenting "Pragmatic parentheticals and the acquisition of 'think'," with Valentine Hacquard and Jeff Lidz. Brad Larson and Dan Parker present a poster titled "'Across the board movement’ is actually asymmetrical." Dave Kush presents "Online sensitivity to Strong Crossover (and Principle C)," work with Colin Phillips and Jeff Lidz. Wing Yee Chow presents "Unfolding predictions in semantic interpretation: Insights from blindness to thematic role reversals," joint work with Colin Phillips and Suiping Wang. With Alexis Wellwood and Jeffrey Lidz, alumna Annie Gagliardi presents "Modeling meaning choice for novel adjectives using Bayesian learning."

In addition, Amy Weinberg and Colin Phillips are giving invited talks, Amy at a panel on policy implications of linguistics research, and Colin at the LSA student panel on publishing in linguistics.

Finally, alumnus Jon Sprouse, PhD 2007 will receive the 2013 LSA Early Career Award, which recognizes scholars early in their career who have made outstanding contributions to the field of linguistics.