Linguists run octuple marathon in 26.8 hours!

Hail to a team of 12 Maryland linguists and their support crew, who ran the Ragnar Relay, from 11:00am on September 21 through to 1:48pm on September 22! It was a grueling 200-mile route from historic Cumberland, in the western tip of Maryland, to the National Harbor just down the Potomac from Washington DC. Each runner covered 3 of the 36 legs, covering 13-22 miles each. The crew ran continuously for 26 hours and 48 minutes, running many legs at night, and ushering in a lovely first day of fall. This the second year the "Psycho Linguists" team has joined Ragnar. This year was 42 minutes faster than last year, when there were heavy rains.

On the 2012 team were 4 faculty and 8 graduate students. An amazing effort by runners Yakov Kronrod, Tom Grano, Tess Wood, Shevaun Lewis, Katie Leech, Jeff Lidz, Dave Kush, Dan Parker, Colin Phillips, Brad Larson, Annie Gagliardi, and Aaron Steven White. The indispensible support crew was Carolina Petersen, Elizabeth Nguyen, Tara and Jon Mease, Andrea Zukowski and Zoe Phillips, along with refueling directors Norbert Hornstein and Amy Weinberg.