Maryland at CUNY in South Carolina

March 21-23, Bradley Larson, Dan Parker, Dave Kush, Dustin Chacón, Glynis MacMillan, Sol Lago, Shota Momma, Wing Yee Chow, Colin Phillips, and Jeffrey Lidz represent UMD Linguistics at the 26th annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing in Columbia, South Carolina, with a total of nine talks:

  • Dave Kush, Colin Phillips, and Jeff Lidz, "Retrieval respects crossover"
  • Sol Lago, Shayne Sloggett (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Wing Yee Chow, and Colin Phillips, "What types of lexical information are reaccessed during pronoun processing?"
  • Shota Momma, Robert Slevc, and Colin Phillips, "Advance planning of verbs in head-final language production"
  • Wing Yee Chow, Colin Phillips, and Suiping Wang (South China Normal University), "Are our eyes really faster than our brains? Aligning eye-tracking and ERP time estimates"
  • Dustin Chacón and Colin Phillips, "Biases in resolving wh-dependencies in a hybrid language"
  • Dan Parker, Glynis MacMillan, and Colin Phillips, "Illusory NPI licensing: Now you see it, now you don’t"
  • Wing Yee Chow, Cybelle Smith, Glynis MacMillan, and Colin Phillips, "Argument identity impacts predictions faster than argument roles"
  • Wing Yee Chow, Colin Phillips, and Suiping Wang (South China Normal University), "Predictive computations underlie the N400’s sensitivity to thematic role-reversals"
  • Dan Parker and Bradley Larson, "Two flavors of long distance dependency discerned through island effects"

In addition there are five talks by Maryland language scientists from other departments or from CASL:

  • Erika Hussey, Susan Teubner-Rhodes, Alan Mishler, Isaiah Harbison and Jared Novick, "Trainability and selective transferability of conflict resolution skills to parsing and non-parsing domains"
  • Suzanne Freynik and Polly O'Rourke, "L2 processing of Arabic derivational morphology"
  • Polly O'Rourke, "The underlying cognitive components of sentence processing: Not all P600s are alike"
  • Yi Ting Huang, Xiangzhi Meng and Kathryn Leech, "Who did what to whom? An investigation of syntactic reanalysis in English and Mandarin"
  • Yi Ting Huang and Alix Kowalski, "Baseball bats and butterflies: Context effects on pragmatic inferencing in adults and children"