Ragnar rallies linguists in relay!

Bravos to 12 Maryland language scientists, friends and alums, plus their support crew, who ran the Ragnar Relay on 4-5 October 2013. The relay stretched over a monstrous 200-mile route from Cumberland, in the western tip of Maryland, "east through thick forest trails and scenic paths [...] through the quiet streets of many charming historic Civil War-Era towns" – and past shut-down national parks – pausing for petit fours and spritzers chez Hornstein and Weinberg, ending ultimately at the National Harbor just down the Potomac from Washington DC. Each runner covered 3 of the 36 legs, covering a total of 13-22 miles. The crew began at 10:30am on Friday, then ran continuously for around 26 hours and 22 minutes, running many legs at night, through Indian Summer temperatures in the 80s, ending at 12:52pm on Saturday.

An amazing effort by runners Aaron Steven White, Alison Shell, Alix Kowalski, Brad Larson, Colin Phillips, Dan Parker, Dave Kush, Shevaun Lewis, Shota Momma, Tess Wood, Tom Grano and Travis Brown!

The indefatigable support crew was Ilia Kurenkov, Natalia Lapinskaya, Alek Fazlipour, Andrea Zukowski and Zoe Phillips.