Six Terpresentations at BUCLD 38

November 1-3, Angela, Alexis, Megan, Mike, Naho, Rachel, Yakov, Morgan Moyer, Erin Bennett and Alix Kowalski, will be presenting talks or posters at the 38th annual Boston University Conference on Language Development, together with 5 faculty members from linguistics – Alexander, Colin, Jeff, Naomi, and Valentine – plus Yi-Ting Huang from HESP. Wow.

  1. Colin Phillips, "Parsing and learning: Could less really be more?" (invited talk in Sunday's symposium, "A new approach to language learning: Filtering through the processor")

  2. Rachel Dudley, Naho Orita, Morgan Moyer, Valentine Hacquard and Jeffrey Lidz, "Factivity in three-year-olds' understanding of 'know' and 'think'" (talk)

  3. Megan Sutton, Mike Fetters and Jeffrey Lidz, "Principle C Effects are Structural, not Linear, in 30 Month-Olds" (talk)

  4. Angela He, Alexis Wellwood, Jeffrey Lidz and Alexander Williams, "Assessing event perception in adults and prelinguistic children: A prelude to syntactic bootstrapping" (poster)

  5. Erin Bennett, Yakov Kronrod and Naomi Feldman, "Modeling effects of input variability in phonetic acquisition" (poster)

  6. Yi-Ting Huang and Alix Kowalski: Baseball bats & butterflies: Context effects on pragmatic inferencing in adults and children (alternate talk)