Work by eleven terps at IASCL in Amsterdam

July 14-18, the IASCL features work by Aaron, Alexis, Angela, Kate, Naho, Rachel, Shevaun, as well as Valentine, Jeff, Alexander, and Meredith Rowe including (at least) five papers, a poster and three workshops.


  1. The role of grammar and extralinguistic cognition in verb learning, convened by Angela Xiaoxue He

    • John Trueswell, with Lucia Pozzan, Judith Köhne and Lila Gleitman: "Learner's sentence processing limitations shape word and grammar acquisition"
    • Sandy Waxman, with Kathleen Geraghty, Brock Ferguson and Xiaolan Fu: "When less is more: Evidence from Mandarin-acquiring infants acquisition of novel transitive verbs"
    • Ben Ambridge: "Explaining children's difficulties with reversible passives: The role of verb and construction meanings"
    • Angela Xiaoxue He, with Alexis Wellwood, Jeffrey Lidz and Alexander Williams: "When participant structure and argument structure do not match: Participant structure construction in adults and prelinguistic infants"
    • Letitia Naigles, discussant

2. Syntactic, semantic and pragmatic contributors to the acquisition of attitude verbs, convened by Valentine Hacquard and Jeffrey Lidz

  • Kaitlyn Harrigan: "'Want' is easier than 'think' for preschoolers"
  • Shevaun Lewis: "Three-year-olds' difficulty with false belief is pragmatic"
  • Aaron Steven White: "Syntactic sources of semantics and pragmatics"
  • Rachel Dudley, with Naho Orita: "The factivity of 'know' in three-year-olds"
  • Jeff Lidz and Valentine Hacquard, discussants

3. Fostering preschool children’s academic language, convened by Meredith Rowe


  • Angela Xiaoxue He, Xiangzhi Meng, Alexander Williams and Jeffrey Lidz: "Thematic role assignment in Resultative Constructions in English- and Mandarin-learning children"
  • Aaron White: "Contextually modulated syntactic variability in child-directed speech"