Terps at the Association for Computational Linguistics in Baltimore

June 22-27, the 52nd ACL features much Terpwork! Naho Orita presents "Quantifying the role of discourse topicality in speakers' choices of referring expressions," joint work with undergraduate major Eliana Vornov, as well as Naomi Feldman and Jordan Boyd-Graber. The paper is part of a ACL workshop on Cognitive Modeling and Computational Linguistics, for which Naomi is a keynote speaker. Naomi also has joint work with Stella Frank and Sharon Goldwater at the general ACL conference, title "Weak semantic context helps phonetic learning in a model of infant language acquisition". Meanwhile Philip Resnik is co-chairing a workshop, "Computational Linguistics and Clinical Psychology," and is co-author on two papers. These papers also involve '09 alumnus Yuval Marton, and LING-affiliates Jordan Boyd-Graber and Hal Daumé III.

  • "A Unified Model for Soft Linguistic Reordering Constraints in Statistical Machine Translation" - Junhui Li, Yuval Marton, Philip Resnik, and Hal Daumé III
  • "Political Ideology Detection Using Recursive Neural Networks" - Mohit Iyyer, Peter Enns, Jordan Boyd-Graber and Philip Resnik

Jordan and Hal are also co-authors on three further papers:

  • "Anchors Regularized: Adding Robustness and Extensibility to Scalable Topic-Modeling Algorithms" - Thang Nguyen, Yuening Hu and Jordan Boyd-Graber
  • "Polylingual Tree-Based Topic Models for Translation Domain Adaptation" - Yuening Hu, Ke Zhai, Vladimir Eidelman and Jordan Boyd-Graber
  • "Predicting Instructor's Intervention in MOOC forums" - Snigdha Chaturvedi, Dan Goldwasser and Hal Daumé III