Dudley, Orita, Hacquard and Lidz on "know"

Now out as Ch.11 in Experimental Perspectives on Presuppositions, "Three-Year-Olds’ Understanding of Know and Think," by Rachel Dudley, with Naho Orita, Valentine Hacquard and Jeff Lidz. The paper investigates three-year-olds’ representations of the attitude verbs think and know, in an attempt to assess children’s understanding of factivity. The results show that some three-year-olds are able to distinguish think and know, particularly in ways that suggest they understand that know presupposes the truth of its complement, and that think does not. The remaining three-year-olds, however, seem to treat both as non-factive. This suggests that early representations of know may be non-factive, and raises the question of how children come to distinguish the verbs.