BU Terponanza

November 7-9, BUCLD features talks and posters by fifteen current or former Maryland language scientists: Angela, Julie, Kasia, Kate, Katie Leech, Naho Orita and Rachel; Colin, Jeff, Naomi, Valentine and Yi Ting; Akira Omaki, Elika Bergelson and Morgan Moyer; and also Meredith Rowe.


  • Angela He and Jeffrey Lidz: Development of the verb-event link between 14 and 18 months
  • Kasia Hitczenko and Gaja Jarosz: Cognitive Limitations Impose Advantageous Constraints on Word Segmentation
  • Elika Bergelson and R. Aslin: Meaning Specificity in One-Year-Olds’ Word Comprehension
  • Akira Omaki, T. Kobayashi and J. Lidz: Cue reliability in the acquisition of Japanese case markers


  • Juliana Gerard and Jeffrey Lidz: 4-5 year olds do not attach non-finite adjuncts too low
  • Yi Ting Huang, K. Leech and M. Rowe: Understanding difficulties in children’s interpretation of passives: A SES comparison
  • Morgan Moyer, Kaitlyn Harrigan, Valentine Hacquard and Jeffrey Lidz: 2-year-olds’ comprehension of personal pronouns
  • Naho Orita, H. Ono, Naomi Feldman and Jeffrey Lidz: A conservative interpretation of the reflexive zibun by Japanese children
  • M. Sundara, C. Ngon, K. Skoruppa, N. Feldman, G. Onario, J. Morgan, S. Peperkamp: Young infants’ discrimination of subtle phonetic contrasts

Student workshop: The publication process

  • Jeffrey Lidz, University of Maryland, Editor-in-Chief of Language Acquisition: A Journal of Developmental Linguistics

Poster Symposium: Linguistics for Everyone: Engaging a broader public for the scientific study of language acquisition.

  • Representing UMD at this symposium will be: Jeff Lidz, Rachel Dudley, Katie Leech (UMD/Harvard), Meredith Rowe (Harvard), and Colin Phillips.