Kate, Angela, Alex, Jeff and Valentine at BUCLD

November 13-15 in Boston, the BU Conference on Language Development features work by visitor Alex de Carvalho and alumnae Kate Harrigan and Angela He, done jointly with Jeff Lidz and Valentine Hacquard. Jeff is also a discussant in a lunch symposium on syntactic bootstrapping, together with Cynthia Fisher and Anne Christophe.

  • Alex de Carvalho, Angela He, Jeffrey Lidz and Anne Christophe, 18-month-olds use the relationship between prosodic and syntactic structures to constrain the meaning of novel words

  • Kaitlyn Harrigan, Valentine Hacquard and Jeffrey Lidz, Hope for syntactic bootstrapping

  • Jeffrey Lidz, with Anne Christophe and Cynthia Fisher, In(put)s and Out(put)s of the Syntactic Bootstrapper (Lunch Symposium)