PsychoLinguists run 200 miles through torrents

Big cheers for 12 Maryland language scientists and alums, plus their crew, who ran the Ragnar Relay in only about 28hrs.

The relay stretched over an epic 200-mile route from Cumberland, in the western tip of Maryland, "east through thick forest trails and scenic paths [...] through the quiet streets of many charming historic Civil War-Era towns," pausing for the now traditional petits déjeuners chez Hornstein and Weinberg, ending ultimately in D.C. at Yards Park near the Navy Yards on the banks of the Anacostia. Each runner covered 3 of the 36 legs, covering a total somewhere between 11 and (incredibly!) 28 miles. The team began on Friday morning, then ran continuously for around 28 hours, through the dark and stormy night, with constant rain at the edge of the offshore hurricane Joachin, ending around 1:17pm on Saturday.

An inspiring feat by runners Alison Shell, Andrea Zukowski, Colleen Moorman, Colin Phillips, Emily Darley, Eric Pelzl, Jeff Lidz, Lara Ehrenhofer, Marta Ruda, Phoebe Gaston, Shevaun Lewis and Shota Momma.

Hail also to this year's tireless support crew, Julia Buffinton, Laurel Perkins, Tara Mease, and Tess Wood.