Terps at SNL in Second City

October 15-17 in Chicago, the Society for the Neurobiology of Language hosts presentations by Phoebe, William, Natalia, Anna and Ellen; plus alumni Diogo Almeida, Akira Omaki, Utako Minai and Rob Fiorentino; and former postdocs Ming Xiang and Mathias Scharinger.

Present Terps

  • Ellen Lau, Polly O’Rourke, Anna Namyst, Sanna Darwish and Tim Dawson, The impact of timing on lexical-semantic prediction in L1 and L2
  • William Matchin, Christopher Hammerly and Ellen Lau, A parametric study of hierarchical structure building in fMRI and MEG
  • Phoebe Gaston, Laura Gwilliams and Alec Marantz, The time-course of cohort restriction in syntactic context: MEG evidence for a single auditory wordform
  • Natalia Lapinskaya, Uchenna Uzomah, Marina Bedny and Ellen Lau, Dissociating neural effects of semantic and syntactic category on lexical processing
  • Lars Meyer, Maren Grigutsch, Molly J. Henry, Noura Schmuck, Phoebe Gaston and Angela D. Friederici, Delta-band oscillatory phase predicts formation of syntactic phrases: electroencephalography evidence from attachment ambiguities
  • Yohei Oseki, Laura Gwilliams, Esti Blanco-Elorrieta, Phoebe Gaston, Alec Marantz and Liina Pylkkänen, Neural Dynamics of Morphological and Phrasal Composition

Past Terps

  • Mathias Scharinger, Timing predictions in speech are affected by attention and speaking rate: evidence from electrophysiological omission responses
  • Stephen Politzer-Ahles, Ming Xiang and Diogo Almeida, “Before” and “after”: investigating the relationship between temporal connectives and chronological ordering using event-related potentials
  • Alison Gabriele, Robert Fiorentino and Lauren Covey, Examining individual differences in the processing of pronominal reference using event-related potentials
  • Utako Minai, Kathleen Gustafson, Robert Fiorentino, Allard Jongman and Joan Sereno, Assessing pre-natal rhythm-based discrimination of language by fetal magnetocardiography (fMCG)
  • Connor Lane, Shipra Kanjlia, Akira Omaki and Marina Bedny, Atypical language lateralization in congenital blindness