Terp team at Fifth MACSIM in Delaware

October 3 at Delaware, Zoe, Annemarie, Chris Baron and Chris Vogel present work at MACSIM, the Mid-Atlantic Colloquium for Studies in Meaning. MACSIM consists of oral presentations and posters, on topics pertaining to linguistic meaning, by students from the participating departments in the Mid-Atlantic: NYU, CUNY, Rutgers, Penn, Delaware, Johns Hopkins, Maryland, and Georgetown. Faculty from these departments participate in audience discussion. There is also one invited talk by a faculty member – this year, Florian Schwarz, organizer of the First MACSIM – and plenty of time to get to know people and their work. Maryland hosted the Second MACSIM in 2012, with invited speaker Roger Schwarzschild, then at Rutgers.


  • Zoe Schlueter, "The Impact of Definiteness Information on Comprehender Expectations"


  • Chris Baron, "Generalizing Concept Generators"
  • Annemarie van Dooren, "Deontic modals and their predicates: A puzzle for compositionality"
  • Chris Vogel, "Vagueness and internalism"