Terps in Salt Lake at WCCFL 34

April 29-May 1 at Utah, WCCFL 34 features upcoming first-year, Sigwan Thivierge; current students Carolina and Mike; post-doc Ted Levin; alumni Aaron White, Alexis Wellwood, Jon Sprouse and Masaya Yoshida; and also an invited talk by Colin Phillips. The Department of Linguistics at Utah is also home to alumna Shannon Barrios, who graduated in 2013 with a dissertation on Similarity in L2 Phonology.

  • Deriving Inverse-Marking Patterns in Nishnaabemwin, Sigwan Thivierge (Concordia)
  • Pseudogapping does not involve heavy shift, Michael Fetters and Aaron Steven White (Hopkins)
  • Defective Intervention defended: adverbs and experiencers in Romance, Carolina Petersen and Mihaela Marchis Moreno (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
  • Palauan DOM is a licensing phenomenon, Theodore Levin
  • Ellipsis or pro-form–Reconstruction effects of sluicing in Mandarin Chinese, Wei Song and Masaya Yoshida (Northwestern)
  • States and events in the semantics of stage-level predications, Alexis Wellwood (Northwestern)
  • The trace of categorical structure in gradient judgments, Aaron Steven White (Hopkins) & Jon Sprouse (Connecticut)