Greetings to new Baggetts and RAs

Hello to our new Baggetts, Michaela and Jackie, as well as RAs Hanna and Nancy, who will work with Colin and Masha, respectively.

  • Michaela Socolof joins us from McGill, where she majored in Linguistics, minored in Italian, and wrote an honors thesis on "Relativization Strategies in Māori". In 2015 Michaela studied the Māori language during a semester at the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

  • Jackie Nelligan has a BA in Philosophy-Psychology-Neuroscience and Mathematics, with a minor in Linguistics, from Washington University of St. Louis, where she wrote an honors thesis titled "Ternary and single stress patterns with Weak Bracketing". She was also captain of the volleyball team.

  • Hanna Muller recently completed her BA in Linguistics at NYU, where she worked Stephanie Harves and UMD alum Dustin Chacón, among others. In addition to her Linguistics major she also completed minors in Spanish, Mathematics, and Computer Science, and wrote an honors thesis on German syntax.

  • Nancy Clarke joins us from UMass Amherst, where she majored in Linguistics and worked with Ellen Woolford and Seth Cable, under whose guidance she has researched the marking of future tense in Tlingit.