Terps in Yucatán at FAMLi4

November 17-18 in Valladolid, the 4th Form and Analysis in Mayan Linguistics features talks by Rodrigo, Paulina, Gesoel, Ted and Chris Baron, as well as Pedro Mateo Pedro, director of the the field station in Guatemala, where much of the research to be reported was done this past summer. Here are the Terp presentations:

  • Gesoel Mendes & Rodrigo Ranero, La extracción de adjuntos en kaqchikel y tz’utujiil (Adjunct extraction in Kaqchikel and Tz'utujiil)
  • Jamie Douglas, Rodrigo Ranero & Michelle Sheehan, Derivando la ergatividad sintáctica en los idiomas mayas (Deriving syntactic ergativity in Mayan languages)
  • Ted Levin & Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine, On the unavailability of argument ellipsis in Kaqchikel
  • Paulina Lyskawa, How to turn 'in' into 'w' – phonology vs. suppletion in Set A 1st singular affix
  • Chris Baron, A Prospective Puzzle and a Possible Solution
  • Pedro Mateo Pedro, La adquisición de los sufijos de categoría en Chuj (The acquisition of category suffixes in Chuj)