UMD at NELS47 in Amherst

October 14-16, Alexander and Jeff Green, plus Annemarie and Ted, are at the North East Linguistic Society, hosted this year by UMass, along with alumni Dustin Chacón, Brian Dillon, Alex Drummond, Tim Hunter, Diogo Almeida, and Masaya Yoshida, former Baggett Fellow Shayne Sloggett, and former post-doc Ming Xiang, presenting their work in talks and posters.


  • Alexander Williams and Jeffrey Green, Why Implicit Control is not a syntactic or semantic relation between arguments
  • Shayne Sloggett and Brian Dillon, When errors aren't: How comprehenders selectively violate Binding Theory
  • Tim Hunter and David Potter, Distinguishing approaches to island insensitivity
  • Nayoun Kim, Kathleen Hall and Masaya Yoshida, Grammatical Illusions in Locative constructions


  • Annemarie van Dooren, Priority necessity modals and their complements
  • Theodore Levin, Distinguishing object agreement and clitic doubling in Noun Incorporation constructions
  • Dustin Chacón and Nikhil Lakhani, Resumptive pronouns affect later filler-gap dependency processing
  • Alex Drummond and Junko Shimoyama, Complex degrees and an unexpected comparative interpretation
  • David Adger, Alex Drummond and David Hall, Deconstructing Condition C Reconstruction
  • Diogo Almeida and Matthew Tucker, The complex structure of errors and the independent visibility of φ-feature
  • Jeffrey Geiger and Ming Xiang, "Context can!": Contextual accommodation in exophoric and anaphoric versions