Two LING majors are Dean's Senior Scholars

Congratulations to Grace Hynes and John Mathena, who have both been selected as Dean's Senior Scholars. They are two of only seven recipients of this prestigious annual award, which recognizes "distinguished and creative academic performance [and] promise of continued distinction in the discipline," as well as "leadership qualities and a commitment to community involvement." Their awards award will be announced at the Fall Scholar Reception, on November 15, and then again at Commencement.

Grace is active in our Acquisition Lab, where she has worked on projects with Valentine Hacquard, Jeffrey Lidz, and Rachel Dudley, among others. John is a PULSAR student and double major in Linguistics and Psychology, active in the Arabic Flagship Program, who has worked on projects with Colin, recent alum Shota Momma, and RA Hanna Muller.

The Dean's Senior Scholar award went to Linguistics majors Sara McVeigh in 2013, and Neomi Rao in 2015, but we have never before had two winners in one year. Amazing! Hurray for both Grace and John!