UMD at BU Conference on Language Development

November 4-6 at BUCLD, Masha is the keynote speaker, joining Kasia, Mike, Rachel, and Julie, Jeff, Naomi and Valentine, as well as Baggett alumnus Chris Baron, Alix Kowalski, Yi Ting Huang and Jared Novick from HESP, and past visitor to Linguistics, Kouki Miyazawa, in presenting work at this annual conference on language acquisition. In addition, Colin will lead a student workshop on "Building your profile in a digital world."


  • Maria Polinsky, Cascading consequences of syntactic reorganization: Ellipsis in heritage languages


  • Jeffrey Lidz, Rachel Dudley and Valentine Hacquard, Children use syntax of complements to determine meanings of novel attitude verbs
  • Valentine Hacquard, Rachel Dudley, Christopher Baron and Jeffrey Lidz, Factivity is acquired gradually over the preschool years
  • Juliana Gerard, Jeffrey Lidz, Shalom Zuckerman (Utrecht) and Manuela Pinto (Utrecht), Similarity-based inference in the acquisition of adjunct control
  • Stephanie Antetomaso, Kouki Miyazawa, Naomi Feldman, Micha Elsner, Kasia Hitczenko and Reiko Mazuka, Modeling phonetic category learning from natural acoustic data
  • Yi Ting Huang, Nina Hsu, Juliana Gerard, Alix Kowalski and Jared Novick, Cognitive-Control Effects on the Kindergarten Path: Separating Correlation from Causation


  • Michael Fetters and Jeffrey Lidz, Early knowledge of relative clause islands and island repair


  • Colin Phillips, Building your profile in a digital world