Zoe in Bilbao with more Terps at AMLaP

September 1-3 in Bilbao, Zoe Schlueter is at the 16th Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing conference, presenting "The impact of coordination on agreement processing: Abstract and surface cues to plurality", with co-authors Ellen Lau and Alexander Williams. Zoe will be joining join many UMD Linguistics alumni, including Sol Lago ('14), Alexis Wellwood ('14), Wing-Yee Chow ('13), Dave Kush ('13), Brian Dillon ('11), Diogo Almeida ('09), Masaya Yoshida ('06), Hajime Ono ('06), Tomohiro Fujii ('06) and Nina Kazanina ('05), as well as past Baggett Fellow Shayne Slogget, and a few department visitors. Here's what our students past and present are talking about:


  • The impact of coordination on agreement processing: Abstract and surface cues to plurality, Zoe Schlueter, Alexander Williams & Ellen Lau
  • Agreement attraction in Turkish, Sol Lago, Martina Gracanin Yuksek, Duygu Safak, Orhan Demir, Bilal Kirkici & Claudia Felser
  • Decomposition and processing of negative adjectival comparatives, Daniel Tucker, Barbara Tomaszewicz & Alexis Wellwood
  • Eye-tracking evidence for active gap-filling regardless of dependency length, Yangzi Zhou, Rosanna Todd & Wing-Yee Chow
  • Ordered access to antecedents of pronouns: New SAT Evidence, Dave Kush & Julie A. Van Dyke
  • An MMN investigation of the Russian voicing contrast, Kevin Schluter, Stephen Politzer-Ahles & Diogo Almeida
  • Who piggybacks on what? Resolving wh-dependency by the predicted Question particle, Hajime Ono, Masaya Yoshida & Tomohiro Fujii
  • Updating mid-sentence predictions using information from negating elements in variably predictable contexts, Emily Darley, Chris Kent & Nina Kazanina


  • When do comprehenders violate the Binding Theory? It depends on your point of view, Shayne Sloggett & Brian Dillon