MACSIM takes Manhattan

October 1, the 6th MACSIM is at CUNY, with work by Rachel, Jeff Green, Nick Huang, and Quinn Harr from Philosophy. MACSIM is a regional workshop on issues related to meaning in natural language. It consists of oral presentations and posters by graduate students from the participating departments in the Mid-Atlantic: NYU, CUNY, Rutgers, Penn, Delaware, Johns Hopkins, Maryland, Georgetown. There is also one invited talk by a faculty member from the group – this year, Philippe Schlenker – and plenty of time to get to know people and their work.


  • Rachel Dudley, Discovering the factivity of know


  • Jeffrey Green, Pragmatic control of rationale clauses
  • Quinn Harr, In what sense is might an epistemic modal?
  • Nick Huang, Syntactic bootstrapping with minimal morphosyntactic cues: Learning Mandarin Chinese attitude verb meanings