Maryland in Salt Lake City for LSA

January 4-7, UMD fields three posters at the LSA, two by Jeffrey Green, one by Paulina Lyskawa and Rodrigo Ranero, with former postdoc Theodore Levin. Sigwan Thivierge is also at the meeting, as part of Expanding​ ​Linguistic​ ​Science​ ​By​ ​Broadening​ ​Native​ ​American​ ​Participation, an LSA workshop aimed at connecting Native American community work on language with studies by academic linguists. And Colin gave a talk and a poster with Allyson Ettinger, Tess Wood and Shevaun Lewis titled “Language is everywhere: Institutionalizing a grassroots language science community," in a "showcase" LSA session on "Expanding the Reach of Linguistics: Collaborations with Other Disciplines and Beyond."