Kush, Lidz & Phillips on Crossover in Glossa

Now out, The real-time processing of Strong and Weak Crossover from 2013 alum Dave Kush with Jeffrey Lidz and Colin Phillips, in the new Glossa. The paper reports two experiments on processing of pronouns in Strong and Weak Crossover constructions, aimed at probing the extent to which the incremental parser can use syntactic information to guide antecedent retrieval. Antecedent retrieval did not appear to consider gender-matching wh-fillers that stood in a Strong Crossover configuration to a pronoun; yet it did seem prone to interference from matching fillers in Weak Crossover configurations. These results suggest that the parser can indeed make rapid use of Principle C and c-command information to constrain retrieval of antecedents, and a general view of retrieval that integrates inferences made over predicted syntactic structure into constraints on backward-looking processes like memory retrieval.