Society for Neurobiology of Language in Baltimore

November 8-10, SNL has work by Mina Hirzel, Chia-Hsuan Liao, Phoebe Gaston, with Ellen Lau, Jeffrey Lidz, former postdoc William Matchin and former RA Natalia Lapinskaya. Also just up the road at the Baltimore Aquarium, which hosts the conference reception, are illustrious PhD alums Dave Kush, Jon Sprouse, Diogo Almeida, Philip Monahan and Rob Fiorentino, as well as BA alum Emma Nguyen.

Work by current students

  • "Investigating task-modulated syntactic prediction with MEG," Phoebe Gaston, Chia-Hsuan Liao, William Matchin and Ellen Lau
  • "Syntactic Constituent Rate Effects in EEG," Ellen Lau, Mina Hirzel, Natalia Lapinskaya and Jeffrey Lidz

Work by former students

  • "Performance differences on reading skill measures are related to differences in cortical grey matter structure in young adults," Clinton Johns, Andrew A. Jahn, Hannah R. Jones, Dave Kush, Peter J. Molfese, Julie A. Van Dyke, James S. Magnuson, Whitney Tabor, W. Einar Mencl, Donald P. Shankweiler and David Braze
  • "Prediction-related activity in the medial prefrontal cortex reflects processing of cataphor cues," Andrew Jahn, Dave Kush, Ashley Lewis and Julie Van Dyke
  • "EEG responses to two A-movement phenomena: Unaccusatives and passives," Jon Sprouse and Susi Wurmbrand
  • "ERP responses to active versus “passive” gap filling," Laura Snider and Jon Sprouse
  • "Isolating syntactic structure-building in the brain: An MEG study on Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian," Diogo Almeida, Aida Talić, Željko Bošković and Jon Sprouse
  • "Asymmetrical MMNs to socially-marked biological sounds: A potential challenge to the phoneme underspecification hypothesis," Roberto Petrosino, Diogo Almeida, Andrea Calabrese and Jon Sprouse
  • "The (non-)satiation of P600/SPS effects to distinct grammatical violations." Emma Nguyen and Jon Sprouse
  • "ERP responses to two types of subject island violations and constructions with substantially similar processing dynamics," Jayeon Park and Jon Sprouse
  • "Do Different Types of Script Induce Differences in Hemispheric Lateralization During Reading? Evidence from a Cross Linguistic MEG Study," Kefei Wu and Diogo Almeida
  • "Tracking the dynamics of wh- dependency resolution inside and outside of islands: An ERP investigation," Lauren Covey, Alison Gabriele and Robert Fiorentino
  • "Examining individual differences in the processing of referential dependencies in Spanish: An ERP investigation," Nick Feroce, Lauren Covey, Robert Fiorentino and Alison Gabriele
  • "Auditory Cortex Represents Abstract Phonological Features: A Mismatch Negativity Study of English Voicing," Philip Monahan and Jessamyn Schertz
  • "When Do Words Get in the Way? An EEG Investigation of the Interaction between Talker and Linguistic Cues in Speech Processing," Philip Monahan and Chandan Narayan
  • "The cortical organization of syntactic processing in American Sign Language: Evidence from a parametric manipulation of constituent structure in fMRI and MEG," William Matchin, Agnes Villwock and Austin Roth, Deniz Ilkbasaran, Marla Hatrak, Tristan Davenport, Eric Halgren and Rachel Mayberry
  • "A syntax area in the posterior superior temporal sulcus," William Matchin and Gregory Hickok