Autumnal migration of Terrapins to Boston

November 3-5, BUCLD 42 has work by Nick Huang, Chia-Hsuan Liao, Laurel Perkins and Mina Hirzel, alongside Valentine Hacquard, Alexander Williams, Jeffrey Lidz and Naomi Feldman, as well as HESP faculty Jan Edwards and Yi Ting Huang, Linguistics PhD alums Julie Gerard, Angela He and Akira Omaki, BA alums Emma Nguyen and Cynthia Lukyanenko, RA alum Caitlin Richter, Baggett alum Elika Bergelson, and past visitors Elaine Grolla and Alex de Carvalho.


  • 'Event concepts and early word learning,' J. Trueswell, S. Arunachalam, A. He, J. Lidz, A. Williams and L. Perkins


  • 'Learning attitude verb meanings in a morphosyntactically-poor language via syntactic bootstrapping,' N. Huang, C. Liao, V. Hacquard, J. Lidz
  • 'Learning to Filter Non-Basic Clauses for Argument Structure Acquisition,' L. Perkins, N. Feldman and J. Lidz
  • 'Before and after the acquisition of adjunct control,' J. Gerard and J. Lidz
  • 'Conceptual correlates of transitivity in early verb learning,' L. Perkins, A. Williams and J. Lidz
  • 'Spoken word recognition of children with cochlear implants,' T. Mahr and J. Edwards
  • 'Production-Comprehension Asymmetry in Children’s Medial Wh-questions,' C. Lutken, A. Omaki
  • 'Children’s and adults’ processing of variable agreement patterns: Agreement neutralization in English,' C. Lukyanenko, K. Miller
  • 'Trajectories of Lexical Comprehension Improvement: Investigating the 14month Boost,' E. Bergelson
  • 'What did you say? Infants’ early productions match caregiver input,' C. Laing, E. Bergelson
  • 'A Performance Account for Medial Wh-Questions in Child English,' E. Grolla and J. Lidz
  • ' “Look! It is not a bamoule!” 18-month-olds understand negative sentences,' A. de Carvalho, A. Barrault and A. Christophe


  • 'Biased distributions in dialogs do not shape verb learning,' M. Hirzel, A. White and J. Lidz
  • 'Vocabulary Predicts Filler-Gap Dependency Comprehension at 15 Months,' J. Lidz and L. Perkins
  • 'A New Test of One-to-One Matching Between Arguments and Participants in Verb Learning,' A. Williams, L. Perkins, A. He, S. Björnsdóttir and J. Lidz
  • 'Young Infants Discriminate Subtle Phonetic Contrasts,' M. Sundara, C. Ngon, K. Skoruppa, N. Feldman, G. Molino Onario, J. Morgan and S. Peperkamp
  • 'Understanding the effects of dialect familiarity on lexical processing efficiency in preschool children using the visual world paradigm,' M. Erskine, T. Mahr and J. Edwards
  • 'Syntactic processing and word learning with a degraded auditory signal,' I. Martin, M. Goupell and Y. Huang
  • 'L1 transfer effects in L2 acquisition of the causative alternation: Asymmetric learning potential in a novel-verb paradigm,' Y. Huang, M. Bounds and Y. Suzuki
  • 'It’s hard to coerce: a unified account of Raising-Past-Experiencers and Passives in Child English,' E. Nguyen and W. Snyder
  • 'Why Do Female Infants Say More Words? An Input/Output Analysis of Talking Status and Gender,' S. Dailey and E. Bergelson
  • 'More Than Wordplay: An Analysis of Word-form Variability in Speech to Infants,' C. Moore and E. Bergelson
  • 'Characterizing North American Child-Directed Speech by Age, Gender, and SES,' M. Casillas, E. Bergelson, M. Soderstrom, A. Seidl and A. Warlaumont
  • 'Learning allophones: What input is necessary?,' C. Richter