Psycho Linguists again rock Ragnar

Skål to 12 Maryland language scientists, who ran the 207 miles of the Ragnar Relay, in 31 hours, 10 minutes and 38 seconds, finishing 23rd overall out of more than 230 squads! The relay stretches over an epic route from Cumberland, in the western tip of Maryland, "east through thick forest trails and scenic paths [...] through the quiet streets of many charming historic Civil War-Era towns," ending ultimately in D.C. at Yards Park near the Navy Yards on the banks of the Anacostia. Guided by organizers and crew Tara Mease, Tess Wood and Shevaun Lewis, the team was Baggett Fellow Bethany Dickerson, Linguistics graduate students Aaron Doliana, Anouk Dieuleveut, Jeff Green, Lara Ehrenhofer and Nick Huang, Linguistics faculty Andrea Zukowski, Colin Phillips and Jeffrey Lidz, and CASL scientists Polly O'Rourke, Thomas J. Conners and Nate Clair.