Maryland on "Syntactic Structures"

"Syntactic Structures after 60 years" is now out, with essays by Howard, Jeff, Omer, Paul, Jon Sprouse and many other luminaries, including Chomsky himself, accompanying a reprint of his 1957 classic. There is also an introductory essay by Norbert, Howard, Pritty Patel-Grosz and Charles Yang, the editors of the volume.

  • Howard Lasnik, Syntactic Structures: Formal Foundations
  • Jeffrey Lidz, The explanatory power of linguistic theory
  • Jon Sprouse, Acceptability judgments and grammaticality, prospects and challenges
  • Omer Preminger, Back to the Future: Non-generation, filtration, and the heartbreak of interface-driven minimalism
  • Paul Pietroski, Meanings via Syntactic Structures