2018 at the Guatemala Field Station

Starting May 24, another international group is at the Guatemala Field Station, for two weeks of intensive Kaqchikel, then two weeks of research with local languages: Kaqchikel, Tz'utujil, Q'anjob'al, and Chuj. In the immersive language study stage, the group will be supervised by Pedro Mateo Pedro, Angela Harmon and Shevaun Lewis. In the two final weeks of the trip Maria Polinsky will be conducting daily research workshops with the participants. The participants will present results of their work at at the Universidad Maya Kaqchikel and Universidad del valle de Guatemala, at Altiplano.

Group members

names of returning participants are marked with an asterisk
  • Irina Burukina* (ELTE, Budapest)
  • Brecken Keller (UMD undergraduate)
  • Emily Speed* (Utah State, undergraduate)
  • Caleb Ewing (Florida)
  • Isabel Townsend-Last (Towson)
  • Akshay Aitha (Berkeley, undergraduate)
  • Polina Pleshak (Moscow State, MGU)
  • Carola Emkow* (Free University of Berlin)
  • Rodrigo Ranero*
  • Paulina Lyskawa*
  • Ted Levin* (NUS Singapore, former UMD postdoc)
  • Christopher Baron* (MIT, former Baggett Fellow)