Annemarie, Anouk, Mina & Sigwan at MACSIM

April 6 at NYU, the 8th Mid-Atlantic Colloquium for Studies in Meaning has a talk by Annemarie van Dooren and posters by Anouk Dieuleveut, Mina Hirzel and Sigwan Thivierge. This 8th MACSIM marks the end of the first 'cycle' of MACSIM, with each of its eight member universities now having hosted it once. Maryland hosted the Second MACSIM in 2012. So look forward to another MACSIM at UMD sometime within the next eight years!

  • Annemarie van Dooren, Figuring out epistemic uses of English and Dutch modals: The role of aspect
  • Anouk Dieuleveut and Valentine Hacquard, Implicative inferences of ability statements with perception verbs
  • Mina Hirzel, Valentine Hacquard and Ailís Cournane: Young children use different modals for different “flavors”
  • Sigwan Thivierge, High shifty operators in Georgian indexical shift