Maryland at SNL in Finland

August 20-22 in Helsinki, the Society for the Neurobiology of Language has work by Chia-Hsuan Liao and Aura Cruz Heredia, together with former Baggett Bethany Dickerson, '13 alum Wing Yee Chow, Maria Polinsky and Ellen Lau.

  • Chia-Hsuan Liao, Wing Yee Chow and Ellen Lau. Bag of words precedes bag of arguments: The time course of computing argument identity in sentence comprehension
  • Chia-Hsuan Liao, Macie McKtrick, and Maria Polinsky. Where do code-switching constraints apply? An ERP study of code-switching in Mandarin-Taiwanese sentences
  • Aura A L Cruz Heredia, Bethany Dickerson and Ellen Lau, Towards a functional interpretation of sustained anterior negativities