The Oxford Handbook of Developmental Linguistics

Jeffrey Lidz, William Snyder, Joe Pater

  1. Introduction, Jeffrey Lidz, William Snyder, and Joe Pater

Part I: The Acquisition of Sound Systems

  1. The Acquisition of Phonological Inventories, Ewan Dunbar and William Idsardi
  2. Phonotactics and Syllable Structure in Infant Speech Perception, Tania S. Zamuner and Viktor Kharlamov
  3. Phonological Processes in Children's Production: Convergence with and Divergence from Adult Grammars, Heather Goad
  4. Prosodic Phenomena: Stress, Tone, and Intonation, Mitsuhiko Ota

Part II: The Acquisition of Morphology

  1. Compound Word Formation, William Snyder
  2. Morpho-phonological Acquisition, Anne-Michelle Tessier
  3. Processing Continuous Speech in Infancy: From Major Prosodic Units to Isolated Word Forms, Louise Goyet, Severine Millotte, Anne Christophe, and Thierry Nazzi

Part III: The Acquisition of Syntax

  1. Argument Structure, Joshua Viau and Ann Bunger
  2. Voice Alternations (Active, Passive, Middle), M. Teresa Guasti
  3. On the Acquisition of Prepositions and Particles, Koji Sugisaki
  4. A-Movement in Language Development, Misha Becker and Susannah Kirby
  5. The Acquisition of Complements, Jill de Villiers and Tom Roeper
  6. Acquisition of Questions, Rosalind Thornton
  7. Root Infinitives in Child Language and the Structure of the Clause, John Grinstead
  8. Mood Alternations, Kamil Ud Deen
  9. Null Subjects, Virginia Valian
  10. Case and Agreement, Paul Hagstrom
  11. Acquiring Possessives, Theo Marinis

Part IV: The Acquisition of Semantics

  1. Acquisition of Comparative and Degree Constructions, Kristen Syrett
  2. Quantification in Child Language, Jeffrey Lidz
  3. The Acquisition of Binding and Coreference, Sergio Baauw
  4. Logical Connectives, Takuya Goro
  5. The Expression of Genericity in Child Language, Ana T. Perez-Laroux
  6. Lexical and Grammatical Aspect, Angeliek van Hout
  7. Scalar Implicature, Anna Papafragou and Dimitrios Skordos

Part V: Theories of Learning

  1. Computational Theories of Learning and Developmental Psycholinguistics, Jeffrey Heinz
  2. Statistical Learning, Inductive Bias, and Bayesian Inference in Language Acquisition, Lisa Pearl and Sharon Goldwater
  3. Computational Approaches to Parameter Setting in Generative Linguistics, William Gregory Sakas
  4. Learning with Violable Constraints, Gaja Jarosz

Part VI: Atypical Populations

  1. Language Development in Children with Developmental Disorders, Andrea Zukowski
  2. The Genetics of Spoken Language, Jennifer Ganger
  3. Phonological Disorders: Theoretical and Experimental Findings, Daniel A. Dinnsen, Jessica A. Barlow, and Judith A. Gierut