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About these studies

The Department of Linguistics and the Cognitive Neuroscience of Language Laboratory are almost always seeking participants to join in the studies they conduct.

These studies can be as simple as filling out a questionnaire or watching an interesting video. Or, you may be asked to read sentences on a computer, and answer questions about them. Sometimes, we offer more involved, high-tech participation options, in which we measure your brain activity with safe, non-invasive methods.

You are always compensated for your time. In the majority of studies, we pay $10 / hour. In other studies, we can offer credits for those classes that require participation in experiments, or award extra-credit for doing so (e.g. LING, HESP, or PSYC).

Use our automated, on-line system to find experiments that interest you. Listings for active studies describe what the experiments involve, and how you will be compensated. Some studies may have restrictions — for example, you must speak a certain language, or, you mustn't have participated in a certain other experiment. Find a time that works for you, and reserve it. Then, just show up at the location specified in the listing for your appointment.

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If you have any questions about these experiments, please call 301-405-8656.